R2ES Lab: Research on Renewable Energy and Sustainability

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The R2ES group can give support to the development of research projects implementing:

  • Multi-Scale Life Cycle Impact Analysis

    Calculation of environmental footprint of products and processes

  • Eco-Design

    Development of eco-friendly and value-added materials/processes

  • Resource Efficiency Assessment

    Sustainable use of critical raw materials

  • In Silico Design

    Novel efficient materials for photovoltaic applications

R2ES lab research group has wide international scientific experience in various fields of physical and organic chemistry, especially for environmental applications.

The group has developed a robust expertise that goes from computational chemistry to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies of energy systems.

Main fields of application concern renewable energy conversion systems, with a focus on innovative materials/processes and emerging technologies. 

Current research is primarily focused on different types of energy production that use last generation renewable sources (such as dye sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells).

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Innovative photovoltaics

Emerging technology solutions allowing the decreasing of the modules costs and broadening the applicability of photovoltaic in order to compete with other energy production systems.

Industrial processes

Innovative solutions for production processes and products with the aim of supporting and improving the sustainable development and circular economy.

Computational Chemistry and Spectroscopy

In silico designing and computational modelling for providing valuable insights into the relevant processes and material properties for energy-related applications.

Geothermal energy

evelopment of thermal use with the aim of increasing the production of electricity from renewable sources, reducing fossil fuels consumptions and greenhouse gas emissions.

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