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Research of sustainability evaluation of energy systems | R2ES Laboratory

What about R2ES Laboratory

The headquarters of R2ES are hosted at the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy (DBCF), University of Siena. DBCF has been recently appointed as Department of Excellence 2018-2022 by the National Agency for Evaluation of University and Research.

The R2ES group members are associated to the following research centres, societies and networks:

The research group consists of a research fellow, Dr. Simone Maranghi, an expert in LCA and methodology for environmental sustainability analysis, a senior researcher Dr. Maria Laura Parisi, an expert in the application and teaching of LCA analysis and of the methods of the Life Cycle Thinking approach, and Prof. Adalgisa Sinicropi, an expert in computational chemistry applied to the study and development of techniques and technologies to support environmental sustainability analysis.

The research group has worked and gain experience in the field of sustainable development and thermodynamic, energy and environmental analysis thanks to the guidance of Senior Prof. Riccardo Basosi and his decades-year experience in the fields related to physical-chemistry and environmental and energy sustainability.

Meet Our Team

Prof. Adalgisa Sinicropi
Associate Professor


  • National Academic Qualification as Full Professor of Physical Chemistry (2017)
  • National Academic Qualification as Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry (2017)
  • PhD in Chemical Sciences, University of Siena, Italy (2002)
  • Marie Curie Training Site Fellow, King’s College London, London, UK (2002)
  • Laurea in Chemistry Magna cum laude, University of Siena, Italy (1999)

Relevant Experience

Associate Professor at the University of Siena and Associate Researcher at CSGI consortium and ICCOM-CNR. She is a specialist of computational chemistry and her recognized research activity comprises the design and characterization by means of computational methods and life cycle analysis of innovative materials for the production of new generation photovoltaics characterized by high efficiency, stability and with high environmental added value.
More specifically, she acquired a robust experience in the research of structural patterns to impart specific optical characteristics to chromophores for the optimization of solar cells properties and the life cycle environmental impact analysis of materials and their reuse/recycling potential.

Dr Maria Laura Parisi
Senior Researcher


  • ESF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Siena, Italy (2010-2013)
  • PhD in Chemical Sciences, University of Siena, Italy (2008)
  • Laurea in Chemistry Magna cum laude, University of Siena, Italy (2005)

Relevant experience

Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Siena, associate Researcher at CSGI.
Her research activity span from the sustainability life cycle assessment of product and process systems, the environmental analysis for the study of renewable energy conversion systems (particularly photovoltaics) to the development and applications of indicators for sustainable use and monitoring of energy resources.







Dr Simone Maranghi
Research Fellow


  • PhD in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science on Energy efficiency optimization study of microgeneration and energy saving systems by LCA analysis, at University of Siena, Italy (2014). 
  • Master degree in Chemistry for Sustainable Development on Life Cycle Assessment of advanced thin film PV, at University of Siena, Italy (2011). 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Chemistry at University of Perugia, Italy (2008).

Relevant experience

Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Siena and Associate Researcher at CSGI.
Dr. Simone Maranghi has experience in the application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology for the assessment of environmental impact, optimization of energy efficiency and resources saving.

His expertise area includes the application of Life Cycle Sustainability methodologies (LCA, Life Cycle Costing, Carbon Footprint), innovative photovoltaic systems and energy production technologies.












Prof. Riccardo Basosi
Senior Professor

Experience and expertise

Senior Full Professor of Physical Chemistry & Lecturer of Sustainable & Efficient Energy at Department of Excellence of Biotechnology, Chemistry & Pharmacy, University of Siena, Italy; Deputy Rector for Energy.

Since 2013 to nowadays Italian Representative in Energy Committee of HORIZON 2020, Delegate of Italian Ministry of University & Research (MIUR) in the SET Plan Steering Committee and in the Mission Innovation Inter-Ministry Task Force. Advisor for Energy of MIUR Ministry at G7 Berlin (October 2015), Kyoto, (April 2016) and Torino, (Sept. 2017). Member of Technical Table of Presidency of Minister Council on “De-carbonization of Italian Economy” (2016-2017). Appointed by Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) as National Expert for IEA/EGRD and since October 2017 to nowadays Member of ENEA National CTS. Previously acting as Scientific Advisor of Italian Presidency of Minister Council (2007-08).

In the 80s Visiting Prof of Molecular Biophysics at the Nat. Biom. ESR Center Milwaukee, WIS, USA. National coordinator of PRIN National Projects and EU Projects. Author of more than 300 papers in international journals of physical chemistry, biophysics and energy. In the last 15 years active in research on LCA of Energy Processes & Renewable Sources and Complex Systems. Until 2013 Director of PhD Course in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Member of Editorial Board of  Quale Energia (since 2000), Masterhead International Journal of  Energy & Technology  (since 2009)- Editorial Board Biocatalysis (since 2014)-Editorial Board International   Journal of Solar Energy Research (JSER) since 2016-Guest Editor  for EES (Energy Policy , Energy).
Fellow of RSC (UK) and of International EPR Soc, of ACS and AAAS. Recipient of 2014 SCI Gold Medal for excellent achievements in the field of energy and environment. Co-recipient of the World Energy Globe Award 2014. Chairman of the VIII SET Plan Conference in the frame of Italian EU Presidency, Dec 2014.

Lorenzo Tosti
Research Fellow


  • Research fellow at University of Florence (2018-2019).
  • PhD candidate at Wageningen University, Department of Soil Quality (since 2013).
  • Master’s degree in Chemistry for Sustainable Development on Life Cycle Assessment of technical solutions for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, at University of Siena, Italy (2011).
  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Chemistry on Material flow analysis (MFA) at University of Perugia, Italy (2008).

Relevant experience

Researcher at CSGI. His research activity focuses on the environmental assessment of energy systems and the application of Life Cycle Assessment and Material Flow Analysis methodologies to waste management, waste recycling and end of life of products and residues.

During the years he specialized in modelling of incineration, landfilling and leaching of wastes as well as recycling processes, more specifically, recycling of biomass ash in construction products (i.e. cement and concrete) and/or as soil amendment.

Carmen Coppola
PhD student

Federico Rossi
PhD Student

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